Hannah Webster

Question One

Sanford remains relentless in his pursuit of Eliza throughout most the novel, disappearing for extended periods of time when she is “his for the taking” and staying within reach when she seems on the verge of choosing Boyer. Based on his actions throughout the novel, is Sanford honest when he calls her “The darling of my soul, the centre of all my wishes and enjoyments” in his final letter? If he is less than genuine, whom is he trying to convince? Remember to make your answer at least 200 words.

Question Two

The Coquette was written in an era when part of a novel’s purpose was to teach a moral lesson, especially to young, unmarried women. Sanford tells his friend Charles Deighton that the story should act as a warning: “Let it warn you, my friend, to shun the dangerous paths which I have trodden, that you may never be involved in the hopeless ignominy and wretchedness of PETER SANFORD.” Is there a more important lesson to be learned from the novel? Remember to make your answer at least 200 words.



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