Harvard University Sexual Innuendos in Marketing Discussion

Hey guys I need help with this rough draft. I have already done the annotated bibliography and the ABSTRACT. I need someone to do the draft. Below I have put the instructions and also attached the files so you can see what work I have done so far. Please help me!


Rough draft: The draft must contain:
 Introduction with thesis statement: Create an introduction for your paper that includes any relevant
background information to your topic. It should also state your claim and provide justification for the
 At least seven body paragraphs: Using your research and the feedback you received from step 2, create
the body of your draft research paper. Write your research paper in the past tense to reflect the actual
research you conducted, as well as your research findings. You must cite at least seven of your ten
sources in the rough draft.
 In the conclusion make sure you restate your hypothesis and revisit your research
 Reference page containing at least seven of the ten academic sources, (Examine your current sources and determine if they are sufficient to support
your hypothesis. If necessary, find additional sources.)
You will be able to further refine your draft research paper before submitting it as your final paper. However, to
earn full credit, your draft must contain a title page, 5-6 page (SEVEN body paragraphs) a reference page, and be
formatted in proper MLA style. The draft research paper must also incorporate at least seven of your ten sources,
cited in the text and on a separate reference page.


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