hat message is the author hoping the audience will take away? Has the writer produced an overall effective or ineffective argument for their target audience? Explain

  • Your essay should be 2-4 pages in length.
  • MLA formatted.
  • Integrate rhetorical analysis as appropriate.
  • Use third person (our/we/one) as needed. Avoid first and second person (I/my/you)
  • Include a focused thesis statement that clearly states your essay’s main argument.
  • Incorporate specific and relevant evidence to help support the argument.
  • Include proper MLA in-text citations of evidence pulled from your chosen article.
  • Works Cited page is required.
  • Make effective use of topic sentences.
  • Be clearly and logically organized.
  • Use appropriate academic language and tone.
  • Be free of major grammatical and mechanical errors.
  • Reread your work.
  • Submit as a Word doc


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