Health Care Issues in Your Community

I live in the state of connecticut and my classroom book is 

Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 8e 8th Edition by Diana J. Mason RN PhD FAAN (Author), Adrianna Perez PhD RN CRNP ANP-BC FAAN FGSA (Author), Monica R. McLemore RN MPH PhD (Author), Elizabeth Dickson MSN PHN RN (Author)

Identify a current health issue/concern within your local community.
  1. Include the following in Project 3:
    • Describe the health issue/concern (for example, homelessness, social isolation [e.g., students, elderly], decreased access to personal protective equipment (PPE), food insecurity, job loss, suicide, underage drinking).
    • Is this health considered or related to a healthcare disparity? Why or why not?
    • How is your local community addressing this health issue/concern?
    • What populations in your community are impacted by this issue/concern?
    • Identify state, national or community policy makers/stake holders who are or should be engaged in addressing this issue/concern
    • How can nurses use their skills, knowledge, and expertise in addressing this health issue/concern
  2. Paper must include:
    • Introduction: Provide an overview of the topic to assist the reader in understanding what to expect in the body of your paper.
    • Body: Paragraphs that include evidence and explanations of the subject matter.
    • Conclusion: Summary of the main points in the body of your paper.
    • Adherence to current APA standards  (i.e. formatting, citation, etc., see Purdue Owl link in course)


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