Health Disparities in Access to Suicide Prevention Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults in Urban Communities

Journal Critique Assignment

Each student will write a paragraph on their planned topic for your literature review, population of interest and briefly describe the rationale for the selected area of interest (1 paragraph). Students will also review journals that may be a fit for their selected topic and select 3 which they deem the most appropriate for a potential publication. They will submit in writing (typed) the following information about the 3 priority journals reviewed.

Journal critique includes:

  • Journal Title and weblink
  • Journal target audience
  • Journal aims
  • Journal acceptance of literature reviews (yes, no)
  • Search to determine if a literature review has been included on the identified topic within the past 5 years.
  • Prioritization of journals that is logical and based on findings.
  • Write one paragraph on your rational for why you would consider publishing in each of the selected journals.


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