health guideline plan

Assignment: Choose a hot topic diet (keto, vegan, gluten-free etc.) and provide teaching on how to ensure that essential nutrients are consumed by a 25-year old female adult following the diet

You will need to perform an internet search on your chosen topic. Review the principles of the diet. Based upon your readings, determine the essential concepts that a person would need to know to follow the diet but still meet the recommended dietary recommendations. Place your answers in a word document 


(20 points) Provide a short over of the chosen diet and how it works/affects the human body. 

(20 points) Provide a short synopsis of the benefits/drawbacks of the diet.

(20 points) Provide a history of the diet (i.e. when did the diet become popular, research that supports the diet use, etc.).

(20 points) Your teaching for the person following the diet plan.

(20 points) Your opinion of whether you think that the diet plan is a valid and useful plan and whether you would or would not follow the diet and why. 


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