Health policy

Health policy

Health policy briefs provide succinct overviews of healthpolicy topics. The intended audience is policymakers, journalists, and othersconcerned about improving health care in the United States. The briefs explorearguments from varying perspectives of a policy proposal. They guide availableresearch behind each perspective. Health policy briefs are created by expertsin the field through funding from public and private grants.

Select one policy brief from the Robert Wood JohnsonFoundation website:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Health Policy in Brief.

  1. Identify the primary issue discussed in the brief, summarize the brief, and state the relationship of the issue to APN practice
  2. List at least 3 strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and/or disadvantages of the issue
  3. Describe at least 3 solutions or recommendations for the issue
  4. In your role as an APN, list at least three ways you would advocate for or against the policy implementation?

In your paper, you may take the position either for oragainst the policy proposal, or both.



Criteria 1 Primary issue, summary, and relationship of brieftopic to APN practice

the primary issue discussed in the brief,
summarizes the brief,
AND states the relationship of the issue to APN practice

Criteria 2 Strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and/ordisadvantages of the issue

Strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and/or disadvantages ofthe issue

Criteria 3 Solutions or recommendations for the issue

Describes at least three solutions or recommendations forthe issue

Criteria 4 Advocacy for or against the policy implementation.

In APN role, lists at least three ways to advocate for oragainst the policy implementation

Criteria 5 College-level academic writing

Includes less than three grammatical, spelling, orpunctuation errors that do not interfere with readability
Meets length requirements
Provides three peer-reviewed scholarly sources

Criteria 6 Citations and Formatting

Less than three APA errors in:
paper format
reference page
in-text citations


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