As a health care administrator, you may be responsible forassessing risk associated with disease or environmental conditions in yourfacility and community. This assignment will challenge you to explain theprocess for risk assessment and administrative action.


Herzing Hospital provides health-related risk managementtraining to all employees. You are tasked with creating a new PowerPointpresentation for the training session. Employees are often bored with thesetraining sessions, so you must make the presentation engaging and relevant.

In a PowerPoint presentation, prepare the following (11slides total):

        Openingslide explaining whathealth-related risk management is (in the context of Herzing Hospital)

        One slide defining a human health riskassessment; next slide with an example

        One slide defining hazard identification; nextslide with an example

        One slide defining dose-response assessment; nextslide with an example

        One slide defining exposure assessment; nextslide with an example

        APA requirements:title and reference slides, in-text citations, three sources.

        Speakers notes arenot required for this presentation.


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