High Light & Annotate Articles

Reading Apprenticeship is a form of active reading in which you engage with your pen to "Talk to the Text" by highlighting, making notes, asking questions, etc. on the reading itself.

In order to do this assignment, you must:

1) Print out the readings for the unit.

2) Hand-highlight and annotate them. More on how to do this below.

3). Scan or photograph them, put them into a document, and save it as a pdf. More on this below.




Reading Apprenticeship is a method of active reading that engages the reader in interaction with the text rather than just passing their eyes over the page. : we use a technique called Talking to the Text. This means writing notes in response to the reading. You do this on the text itself. Print out your reading and do this by hand.

What do you write? Make notes, underline and circle words, ask questions in the margins, and make comments and predictions. Note what you know, what you are thinking about, what connections you see, what questions you have that you need to follow up on, what you predict about where the discussion is going, etc. Basically, any thought or question you have in response to the text is a good annotation. Here is a list of suggestions (to write directly on the text):


1. Look at the title of piece. Respond to it (do you have questions? Comments? Interpretations)?
2. Look at any illustrations on the page. See if they help you
 understand the title.
3. Begin to read the article. As you read, interact with the text (questions, underlines, etc.).
4. Write down any questions as they come into your head.
5. Write down any connections you make as you read (to yourself, your world, to something else you have read, to
the text you are now reading).
6. Clarify your understanding by writing ideas from the text into
your own words.
7. Underline or circle words you don’t know. Use word parts or
context clues to figure out their meanings as you read, or look up words and fill in meaning afterwards.
8. Don’t forget you should also Summarize! (at the end of each
page to remember what you have read — write a one-two sentence summary).

Each week you will have two readings to print and annotate for this assignment. They are the "First Reading" and "Second Reading" for the week linked in your course reading list. Remember that you’re saving by not having an expensive textbook for this class, and that printing and making handwritten annotations is essential to pass!

Of course, the burning question is: How do I hand in a handwritten assignment electronically? The answers are:

1)Scan it and save as a pdf.

2)Create a Word or Google Docs document, take pictures of each page and put one per page of the document, then save that as a pdf and hand it in!


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