HIM Factsheets

This assignment addresses the following CAHIIM outcomes:

  • Associate II.2 Apply security strategies to health information 

Scenario: You are an HIM intern at a large physician group practice that is considering replacing its IT system for practice management and electronic health records. The lead physician, Dr. X, admits that he knows much more about medicine than about data systems. His IT consultant keeps telling him that there are three key concepts regarding data: authenticity, integrity, and security. Dr. X asks you to educate him and his physician partners about these three concepts. In addition, Dr. X and the physician staff would like to learn more about fraud detection and what processes should be implemented with the new system to detach fraudulent practices. He specifically mentioned that he would like to learn about Whistleblowers, STARK, Anti-Kickback, unbundling, and upcoding.

  1. Create a one-page fact sheet that defines, compares and contrasts the concepts of authenticity, integrity, and security as they relate to data. Include at least two examples for each key concept.
  2. Create a one-page fact sheet on Whistleblowers, STARK, Anti-Kickback, unbundling, and upcoding. Include at least one example of each.

Submit the two fact sheets for grading. Be sure to cite your sources in proper APA style.
Be creative as you create your frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheets.

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours


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