How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You?


  • How does popular culture stereotype you? Educate and empower your readers by debunking and demystifying damaging cultural stereotypes. 


  • Write a thesis-driven, well-organized, 4-5 page  essay that puts the 2 texts you selected from the reading list (1 text from part B and 1 text from part C) into an intellectual conversation with each other. How does each author uses ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos more effectively to support their argument? Which author is able to educate and empower their readers more effectively? Why? Explain.
  • Your essay should contain at least five body paragraphs.
  • Each body paragraph should initiate a different topic to compare and contrast. For both options, analyze both articles in each paragraph. Do not analyze each article in isolation. Here are 4 body paragraph suggestion for you to consider: 
  • Option 1:
    1) the impact and repercussion of perpetuating negative stereotypes;
    2) the consequence of marginalizing groups of people;
    3) the function of assimilation (volunteered or forced erasure of one’s self, one’s culture, and one’s community; and
    4) how debunking false identity markers leads to empowerment.
  • Option 2 (in any order):
    1) kairos
    2) ethos
    3) pathos
    4) logos
  • Rather than focusing on each text separately, each body paragraph should focus on one point of connection between both texts. Put these texts into critical and creative conversation. Writers tend to respond to other writers; we put things together in order to construct new meaning. Academic writing does not exist in a vacuum; a piece of writing generates more writing. The conversation you create between these 2 texts should serve as a way for you to form your own argument. In Thinking Rhetorically & Rhetorical Situations, Kenneth Burke asserts that after youve established the conversation, you should begin developing your contribution to the conversation by put[ting] in your oar. Use specific and concrete evidence from both texts as well as your own original examples to support your argument.
  • Use 3rd person pronouns only. 


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