How We Redeemed Alabama Reflection Paper

Each student is responsible for submitting a 2-3 page reflection paper as an assignment for the reading. You have just read and learned about Reconstruction. It was a radical period in American history in which 4 million African Americans are enfranchised into the nation. During the period, Congress passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th  Amendments. In response, white supremacists mass mobilized and organized a  White Supremacist Counter-Revolution. The document “How We Redeemed Alabama” unpacks this process. It explains how racists were able to go from the fringes of society to the mainstream and topple the state governments. In your paper, you must identify and explain their beliefs system, how they were able to galvanize the people, and what was the outcome of their activities in the South. You must cite your sources.   The format for your assignment must be 12 font Times New Roman. You must convert your assignment to a PDF and upload it. 

An essay should have proper structure including:

  • An introductory paragraph with clear thesis statement
  • Supporting paragraphs that include specific details and examples, whether discussing individuals, organizations, movement, ideas, events or laws.
  • A conclusion
  • Endnotes or footnotes that cite the materials you used.  Any direct quotations from any source must be placed in quotation marks with a reference included.


 Do not use any other outside sources only the PDF I provided. I want you to cite sentences or use excerpts from within the document “How We Reddemed Alabama,” and no external sources.  


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