HUMA 1301 Lone Star College Plato or Aristotles View of Virtue Presentation

I would like to stress that for this project you should use 6

sources/research materials, apart from your textbook.

1.) You should select either

Plato or Aristotle’s view of virtue as your topic for

this project.

2.) You should construct a power point presentation (PPP) that

highlights your selected topic. Within the PPP you will need to include

the following: an in-depth discussion of virtue (either from Plato or

Aristotle), how it applies to modern day society, and include at two

examples how this approach to virtue manifests itself in today’s


3.) Please use a Microsoft power point template. Do not use Keynote,

Prezi or other presentation software as they tend to impact the

deliverability of your PPP via the Drop Box function in D2L.

4.) Avoid using video and audio files within the PPP as they tend to

make files too large to deliver as well.

5.) Please make sure to include BOTH IMAGES AND TEXT ON EVERY

SLIDE to serve as the focus of your power point presentation.


Please follow these guidelines when constructing your PPP: Your

Power Point should contain at least 15 slides.

You should approach the

PPP as an instructional tool–imagine that you are going to inform a

group of strangers about the specific topic you have selected.


should include both text and images ON EVERY SLIDE to help clearly

articulate the information you want to share.

Be sure to include

images that are clear and not blurry in nature. Also, the textual

information to support, explain or discuss your topic should be well-

developed and sufficient in explaining the image that it accompanies

on each slide. Your textual work should be presented in paragraph

format and not in bullets or in lists. Be thorough and clear in your


7.) Please include a Works Cited slide at the end of your Power Point

Presentation that documents all 6 sources used.

Please use MLA or

APA formatting for this slide.


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