Human relations

It is extremely easy to get into a situation under which your company is legally obligated to pay a job candidate much more than you anticipated if you make a misstep in drafting your job offer letter and you are now legally bound. Please use this opportunity to research 3 websites that can be resources when you are looking to create a job offer letter. 

For EACH of the 3 websites,
1) list the website
2) copy a link to the webpage (for each)
3) Also submit a numbered list of 7 total facts/ important things you learned/ employment law specifics to keep in mind regarding job offer letters. Again, this list should be numbered. Each submission may be a sentence or two in length, but you are welcome to add more verbiage to fully explain or describe the employment law fact or establish its relevancy.
This assignment will prepare you to do the discussion board for the coming week, as well as hopefully teaching you about some legal aspects of the job offer letter process. Further, you will be left with some resources that can potentially serve you well in your future. Upload a Microsoft Word document or type your responses directly into the text box. The rubric is 10 points each for #1 and #2, with the final 25 points for #3, to total the 45 points this assignment is worth.


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