Hypothesis on Carbohydrates and Fats Nutrition Day to Day Discussions

The point of this exercise is to collect our own observations and develop scientific hypotheses based on what we observe. We will use this exercise to examine the Scientific Method.
Make observations of people in your environment, focus specifically on foods they are eating, serving sizes, exercise, make a list of your observations. Share your observations with your classmates. Come up with a few questions you may be able to address scientifically based on your observations.
Now transform your questions into one or two testable hypotheses related to nutrition. Make sure your hypotheses are in the format of “If…then…statements”. Wouldn’t it be interesting to examine how shelter-in-place may be affecting our nutritional status? for example?
Now think of how you would test your hypothesis(es). What would your experimental design be like? Who would be in your study? What would the conditions be? Would you use a questionnaire? observation? What type of data would you need to test your hypothesis? How would you collect your data? Be sure to think about how to obtain an unbiased result.
How would you decide whether to reject or fail to reject your hypothesis?


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