In Todays Korea Was the Korean War Division Worth It Discussion Question

  • Word Count = 1800-2000
  • Chicago style
  • a bibliography sheet should be attached to the essay
  • All reference/sources should be scholarly
  • Argument: First, remember that when writing a research essay you are putting forward an argument or answering a question, not just listing facts or writing a chronology of events. Consider all possibilities, identify and weigh the importance of each factor, and come to your own conclusion. The resulting thesis or argument is the centrepiece around which you marshal and organize the evidence and ideas for your essay. A clear statement of the argument should appear near the end of the introduction of the essay, eg. “This paper will attempt to demonstrate that….” or “This paper argues that…..”

Besides the content, here’s what I will be looking for in your paper:

1. Does the introduction outline the basics of the argument?

2. Does the paper progress in a logical and coherent manner?

3. Do paragraphs have main ideas followed by explanation and supported with discussion and information?

4. Are terms defined clearly and accurately?

5. Are all borrowed ideas clearly referenced?


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