indentifying networking contacts and informationinterview question

All around you are individuals who have information about jobs and companies that might be helpful in your job search.  Remember – very few people have any power to get you a job, but many people may have information that will make you a more informed job seeker. Good networking contacts may be in your chosen career field, they may work for the company or industry you’re interested in, or they just may be seasoned, experienced business people who have great tips to share.  The point of an informational interview is to benefit from the expertise of others, so good informational interview questions should generate information relevant tp your career path. 

A good networking contact doesn’t even have to be someone you already know.  It’s always possible to ask for an informational interview from a professional in your career field.  Most professionals are happy to do this provided that you have only 3-4 questions, don’t take too much of their valuable time, don’t ask for information you could have easily found yourself, and don’t ask for favors (it’s not appropriate to ask when you’re just meeting someone). 

Create and upload a document that lists 3 potential networking contacts, their job title, and where they work. Your contacts must not all work for the same company AND they must not all have the same job title.

Then, provide:

  • Two (2) questions that you would ask every one of these individuals in a face to face informational interview.
  • One unique question you would ask each person.

You might want to consider using LinkedIn to find potential networking contacts. 

Interring field to check is the business filed 


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