Informative essay

it needs to be in MLA format


You MUST name your document in this format:

Lastname, Firstname – Assignment Title

SAMPLE: Jones, Bartleby – Informative Speech

You also MUST save your document as a .DOC .PDF or .RTF in order to attach it here in Canvas.

If you find that you are having trouble attaching a document it is your responsibility to contact the HELP DESK for assistance. Do not submit materials by cutting and pasting here, nor in an email.
"Technical difficulties" are not accepted as an "excuse" for missing an assignment or deadline. It is your responsibility to have assignments ready, working and submitted in a timely manner. Again, there will be no exceptions for late work, as we have both a "due date" and a "deadline" available. Plan accordingly.

BE SURE TO REVIEW OUTLINE SAMPLES both here in CANVAS and in your text. It is quite easy to garner the points for the course outlines if you follow the sample found here in Canvas (or the variation, found in our text). However, it is also quite easy to do rather poorly and lose points for the outlines if you choose to "wing it" somehow.

Final Note: We use the TurnItIn app to help improve writing and to also check for plagiarism.

its informative speech about Daniel hale williams

Edit description


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