Innovation Proposal | Part 3 – Execution and Change Plan


Research indicates that the execution and implementation of innovation is the greatest challenge for leaders. Generating ideas is deemed exciting while implementing change is considered the biggest challenge, which often results in organizational resistance.

  • Citation Requirements: minimum of 2
  • Word Count: 900
  • APA Formatting
  • Plagiarism Free
  • Implementation Schedule: Develop an implementation plan outlining the key action items that must be taken in order to successfully implement the innovation. 

  • Getting buy-in from key stakeholders and employees: Select either the Lewins Change Management Model or Kotters 8-Step Change Model and outline how you would successfully implement your innovation at all levels of the organization by applying one of the change models. Be sure to identify specific action items that correspond to each step of the change model. 

  • Sustainability: Explain how you would promote sustainability in your innovation plan. Recall the Week 6 Discussion prompts to drive this section of the execution and change plan.



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