Integrated Marketing Communications-Create your own company

Integrated Marketing Plan Overview Assignment

Now that youve researched a particular industry, company, product or service of your choice and its use of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) to achieve a particular objective for a specific audience via your previous assignment, the IACB, its time to use that practice and apply it to creating a creative brief on a company, product, or service that you invent thats in the same industry. The company that you analyzed in the IACB is the competition for the one you invent and imagine for this assignment.

Using the template in our textbook on pages 58-59 covering Creative Briefs, do the work that a marketing team would do in order to get to know important information about your invented company, product, or service. This ranges from thinking about who the target audience is, the communications objectives, product features and benefits that differentiate your invented concept from the competition, among other things discussed in the template. Chapter 4 will be instrumental in helping you create this document so rereading it carefully would be to your advantage.

The use of this document will help you with completing the more creative elements of your final portfolio consisting of two press releases, an advertising campaign, and social media campaign. Without this blueprint (Blakeman 58), you cant implement a creative strategy to effectively promote your invented company, product, or service. A creative brief provides the art director and copywriters with the information they need to spur their creativity while also staying on strategy. In our class, you get to play the roles of both the marketing team and the creative team in building a campaign for an invented company, product, or service.

Requirements: This assignment should be in MLA (double spaced, 1-inch margins all around, TNR font). The IMC Plan Overview should start by describing the invented company, product or service you are promoting (feel free to be creative in this), and then cover the other items in the Creative Brief template in our textbook (pages 58-59). It will be 3-4 full pages long. It is subject to revision for the final portfolio but must be turned in in complete form by the due date to help you earn the 10% of your grade allocated to Completion of Major Assignments. So write it carefully and thoughtfully, demonstrating youve put effort into researching, drafting, and revising this paper.

I’m creating my own fast food company. I don’t have a name yet so if you could come up with something. My fast food chain is looking to be healthy, convenient, great service, and have a variety of opitions. Attached are some notes with some ideas that I’m looking to implement. You don’t have to use every single idea on my notes. I’m including to give an idea of the direction I want to take for this company.


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