Integrating Knowledge of Social Policy

social issue: Poverty that effects single family homes 

Develop a 18-20 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference slides) that evaluates applicable federal policies for a specific social issue. The student should use the information accumulated from assignments in Module 2, Module 3, and Module 5 to develop the sections I and VII of the assignment. The six sections of the Power Point presentation are as follows:

Section I. Overview and Background – Social Issue and Target Population
This section should identify the social issue and the target population. Use of recent research evidence, facts, and relevant statistics to demonstrate the severity of the social issue and its impact on the target population.
Section II. Policy Analysis – Applicability, Feasibility, Gaps and Deficiencies of Two Policies
This section of the assignment should identify two federal policies that attempt to address the social issue for the target population. This section should provide a comprehensive overview of the two policies. This overview should include critical background information such as the year the policy was enacted, how the policy is funded, identification of the politicians, legislatures, and stakeholders that developed the policy. Also, provide information related to individuals and groups that actively oppose the policy, including the reasons for the opposition.
This section should use Jansson (2018) and CDC (2016) policy frameworks to analyze, interpret, and summarize the benefits and limitations associated with each of the three social policies. Discuss the need to address policy gaps and deficiencies. Use recent research evidence, facts, and statistics to support your analysis and interpretation of the two policies.
Section III. Policy Evaluation – CDC Policy Evaluation Framework
This section should demonstrate the use the CDC (2016) evaluation framework to assess each policy and compare and contrast the two federal policies. Use the CDC Policy table to create a visual depiction that compares and contrasts the two policies.
Discuss which policy presents the best legislative solution to help the target population. Likewise, discuss the policy that is least effective for the target population in the long run.
Section IV. New Policy Proposal – Designing Policy to Address Policy Gaps and Deficiencies
This section requires the students to present a comprehensive overview of a new proposal that they have designed. The student will integrate contextual knowledge of the gaps and deficiencies associated with existing policy for a specific social issue and target population to design new and improved policy.
The student will clearly state the applicability, feasibility and integrity of your proposed policy. Thoroughly discuss the benefits, limitations as well as any potential gaps and deficiencies opposers to your policy could point out.
Section V. Social Media Campaign – Promoting Policies that Advocates for Human Rights
This section should discuss the role of social media in providing information, advocacy, or opposition for the selected social issue and each of the social policies. Describe how the student would leverage social media to execute a successful campaign to disseminate factual information about your new policy proposal.
Section VII. Conclusion
This section should provide a brief, concise conclusion statement recapping the key elements of the Power Point presentation assignment.
See the detailed directions and grading criteria in the table below.


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