Inter group situation

Your client would like to know how you plan to gain insights about the inter-group problems in her division. Your client would also like to know her off-line costs* before you begin. If too many employees are off-line, or are off-line at the same time, she may not be able to approve your diagnostic plan.  

In your paper, you will propose how you will learn about and diagram the situation outlined below. Essentially, you are outlining your assessment strategy.  Use (and citing) the assigned readings, additional scholarly sources, and your experience to support your choices. You are not expected to provide a complete set of exhibits of actual tools, but you can provide exhibits if they will help you illustrate your general diagnostic strategy

The Inter-Group Situation

Promises made by sales reps need to be fulfilled by operations personnel. To get the sale, sales reps have been making promises that stress the fulfillment process. Sales reps receive a base salary and a commission for each sale. Many of the operations employees are unionized. If they have to work extra hours for rush jobs they get overtime pay that eats away most of the profit. 

The sales reps complain that the operations people work slowly to get overtime. The operations employees complain that the sales reps dont understand the business they represent and are lying to customers. Your client does not want to just implement a bunch of rules and ignore all the bad feelings. She would like the employees in her product division to work more harmoniously.


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