international Sales and Negotiations Assignment #1 Case Study Selling Principles

You have recently been hired on as a junior sales person with 3M in their fall protection (Capital Safety) division. The salesperson of record is on vacation so the sales manager thought it would be good for you to take some calls with a senior distributor in the area to present information about the new ExofitNEXTM Plus harness line. The customers you will be meeting with on the following Monday and Tuesday are all employees who work for major construction companies. Answer the following questions in preparation for these meetings/visits: 

1. Do some research and list 3 competitors to 3M in the fall protection industry, and highlight 3 benefits that customers receive by working with Capital Safety (3M) and using their productsrather than the competitors. (9 marks) 
2. Explain three things that the construction industry would consider to be important with regard to their buying of safety equipment and why. (6 marks) 
3. List three features and their corresponding benefits of the Exofit NEXTM Plus harness for a construction customer/user. (6 marks)4. List three things that you would do to make a good first impression, try to be original. (6 marks) 
5. Here are the first three customers that the distributor plans on bringing you into on Monday to see. Qualify them from best to worst in terms of potential and explain your rationale. (You might want to do some research on each company): (6 marks)
 a). Bird Construction Foreman of Yonge St. apartment complex. Had not heard about the new Exofit, but hoping for a fall protection demonstration for his crew to comply with company requirements for a weekly safety talk. 
 b). PCL Construction VP of Safety Head Office currently uses a competitors fall protection equipment, but the competitor is not available this month and VP has questions about the new CSA standards on fall protection so called 3M. 
 c). Bronte Construction President Saw the new Exofit NEXTM Plus harness at a regional safety show that he went to and would like to discuss options for outfitting his employees who work at height. 
6. What are two questions that you would ask each of the construction representatives above when you first meet (2 different and specific questions for each customer above). (6 marks)
 7. What would your approach be towards a customer that said they wanted the cheapest product that you offered, knowing that the Exofit NEXTM Plus is the most expensive harness in the market. (6 marks) 
8. Lay out what you would do if the distributor who had planned on bringing you into see these three customers on Monday, said to you; how about we cut out early today and you take me for a round of golf, it is a beautiful day, and I will make sure that I put in a good word for you with your new bossv. (5 marks)
Please follow the instruction that are specified in the uploaded document. (please see the rubric)


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