Internet Research

Go to the website of any Fortune 500 company.  On the website (possibly using the site map) find their public relations or public affairs link. 
Write a paper to respond to the questions below. 
Please number your responses and/or use headings for each question so it is clear to the reader which question you are answering. 
  1. What is the name of the company? 
  2. Provide a brief overview of the organization (a minimum of five sentences in your own words).
  3. Identify and discuss four items on the organizations public relations site you found interesting.  Describe each item in at least two sentences.
  4. Why would having this site be helpful to the public relations professionals working for the company?  Minimum two sentences to answer this question.
  5. Why would having this site be helpful for the media? Minimum two sentences to answer this question.
  6. Identify and discuss 4 specific items on the website that connects to our textbook (items can be from any chapter).  You must select specific concepts from within a chapter. You cannot cite an entire chapter.  You need to identify the concept and cite the page it is on). Discuss how it relates in a minimum of two sentences per connection.
  7. Once you have completed your paper, go to  Scroll down and click on the Getting Started button (see visual below)
  8. Submit your paper and get the results to examine your writing skills. 
  9. In your Internet Research 2 paper, include at least two sentences to describe what you learned about your writing from the Readable site.
  10.  Based on the suggestions from Readable, revise your paper PRIOR to submitting it.


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