intro to research very easy assignment

answer these with short asnwers about the article uploaded in files. (1-3 sentences each)

1) What hypothesis(es) are the author(s) studying in this article?

2) What are the independent variable(s)? What are the dependent variable(s)? Does the research design chosen require true independent and dependent variables?
3) Determine whether the research design was compromised by confounding variables. Identify possible confounding variables. What strategies could the authors have taken to minimize these confounding variables? How might these confounding variables have altered this study?

4) summerize the findings: Put the findings of this study into your own words.

5) Evaluate the ethics: Consider whether the study was ethically sound. Were there any violations of ethical procedures? Consider what could have been done differently to minimize ethical risks to participants.

6) Evaluate the internal validity: Analyze the internal validity of this study. What strategies were used to minimize risks to internal validity and what else could have been used to ensure that changes in the dependent variable were attributable to differences in the independent variable?

7) Evaluate the external validity: Analyze the external validity of this experiment. In what ways does this study generalize to the real world?

8) How will you cite this article using APA citation style?

9) Please reflect on your process.


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