Issues transgender children may face

reaearch paper on topic “issues transgender children may face”. i have the annotated bibliography i did on this available for you to help use if needed. instructions are attached in the files portion as well. 
1. Read about your topic widely and summarize the experts’ research, findings, and conclusions.
2. Discuss the methodology, the ethical standards, and the outcomes of each study.
3. Evaluate ethical standards, the usefulness of research design, and whether there are foreseeable practical benefits.
4. Use a minimum of 5 highly credible sources, including your text. All sources must have a listed author and date of publication. Do not use personal experience or opinion, personal interviews with other people, or any other anecdotal evidence. Do not use Wikipedia or other .com or .net websites.
Title Page and Reference Page in APA 7
Body of 2500 words, typed in 12-point, black font with APA formatting throughout
Correct use of APA 7 in-text citations and carefully documented sources is essential


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