ITESM The New Covenant & the Responsibilities of God in Jeremiah 31 Discussion

The subject of Covenant is important in the economy of God. The Jewish people call their Bible the Holy Scriptures, not the Old Testament. This recognizes the difference in their understanding of Covenant. Jeremiah 31 focuses on a NEW COVENANT. This assignment will explore the New Covenant.

  • Read Introductions and the Global Message articles in the ESV Global Study Bible notes for the following books (How to Navigate the ESV Website ):
    • Jeremiah
  • Read Jeremiah 31 in your ESV Bible
  • Write at least 1 full paragraph for each of the questions below:
    • What is the New Covenant? (What are the features or aspects?)
    • What are God’s responsibilities in the New Covenant?
    • What are the responsibilities of the people in the New Covenant?
    • How is land part of the covenant?

Use of APA format is not required for this assignment


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