Job Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to help you conduct a job analysis for staffing purposes. In this paper, you will select a job and apply what you learned about job analysis to a real-world position. You will also identify the KSAOs and/or competencies that are needed for successful performance on this job. The submission for the assignment should include the following sections:

  • A brief overview of the job and the organization. Select a job for which you can identify the KSAOs/competencies. This can be your current or a previous job, or the job of a friend. It does not matter, as long as you can access the information that you need to complete the assignment. Give me a brief overview of the job and the organization
  • Determine if you would do a job requirements job analysis or competency-based job analysis. Explain the rationale behind your decision showing thoughtful consideration of both methods based on the text and prior research.
  • Explain how you would gather the data if you were doing this for a real organization. Show thoughtful consideration of the process and different methods presented in the text. 
  • Gather the data. Do not actually go through the entire process you described above for this assignment! Find one source of truth – you if this is your job or your friend if it is their job. The key outcome is that you identify the KSAOs/competencies for the job described. Tell me what the KSAOs/competencies are for this job, and why. Include the job requirements matrix/competencies with behavioral indicators. 

This assignment should utilize a consistent style of referencing. You may want to use APA 6th or 7th referencing styles and paper formats. 



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