Journal 1

You will want to find two (2) recent electronic technology articles on the same subject, combine the two articles into one summary, then form your own conclusions and opinions on the material.

The articles can be from different publications, or two from the same publication as long as they have different dates. So, what consists of a technology article? Anything pertaining to telecommunications, or related to what you are studying in the class. There is technology news in the Orange County Register and Times virtually every day. For example, the Register recently was featuring an article on a clothing line , and their plans on designing ‘Bluetooth’ clothing. Also, this week, the Register featured an article in the Business section on Facebook. The articles on technology can be related to medical science, the military, the entertainment industry, and just about any other business entity that uses some form of electronic technology to operate and/or enhance their business.

You’re not limited to using just the newspapers…go online, look at magazines, just about any technology publication will work. Avoid tabloids (Inquirer), and also no gossip or celebrity material...stay with technology. The complete directions on how to do this are in the "Assignments" folder, plus a list of examples of technology issues.

Read over the requirements carefully, and if you have any questions, let me know. Submit your work in Microsoft Office WORD or RTF (rich text format) file extension in the "Assignments" folder where it states, "View/Complete" for this particular assignment.  You do not have to attach your articles…just make sure you give references under your name following the format on the assignment requirements example page. 

This is not a formal term paper, so no need to use MLA or other strict term paper guidelines.
Use either footnotes OR a bibliography.  Include with either of the two the source information under your name on the first page.

Use the example page at the end of the instructions and present your first page looking like the example.  The bold header titles do not need to be included….just have your paragraphs flow in a logical manner, and begin with a strong introductory paragraph leading the reader into the material. Contact me IF you need clarification on a topic…there is technology news very day on line and in the newspapers.


Be sure to take a snapshot of  ‘Turnitin’ confirmation page showing you did upload your material.  Do this for all major written assignments and keep the information until you see your paper showing as being graded.


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