korean film and media

Individually choose one of the following topics, or a part of one of the topics, or develop your own. You do not need to divide these within your group–just choose and develop your paper on any of the films and topics. Your paper should have a thesis statement. It must include one direct quotation from one of the relevant assigned readings. It must also include brief descriptions and readings of two scenes as evidence for your argument. Italicize film titles. The first time you mention the film under discussion include the director’s name and the release date:  Madame Freedom (dir. Han Hyeong-mo, 1956). After the first mention of a full Korean name, be sure to use the family name, which appears first, for subsequent mentions (e.g. Han’s cinematography). 

1. Briefly compare and contrast the representation of North Korea in the two blockbuster films Shiri (1999) and Joint Security Area (2000), using a close reading of one scene from each film.


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