Leadership Experience Using Gibbs Cycle Research Paper

The task is to analyse a given article using Gibb’s reflective cycle. You have to reflect on a past professional experience to show your understanding of the article. While reflecting on your experience, you will also be required to define, explain and analyse two given concepts from the syllabus. This way, you will be linking the given article with your experience and with two given concepts from the textbook.

Assignment 1 = Reflective analysis of a given article

Mid Term Exam = Reflective analysis of a given article + discussion of two terms from the syllabus

You must define, explain, analyse these two concepts within your reflective cycle. You can discuss these concepts in all stages, however, they should DEFINITELY be discussed in detail in evaluation, analysis and action plan.

You will be evaluated based on your understanding of the syllabus (two concepts), your understanding of the given article, and your critical thinking.

How will you see the article and two concepts?

The article and two concepts will be posted on MYUCW Moodle Page. The name of the file will be ‘Mid Term Exam’. It will also be emailed to the students at 10:50 am on Tuesday August 18th 2020. The students are required to submit the exam on Turnitin by 10:50 am Wednesday August 19th 2020.

How are the two terms incorporated in the Assessment Rubric?

Assessment Rubric is for 100 marks, of which 20 marks are for Depth of Discussion, 20 marks are for Breadth of Discussion, and 20 marks are for Integration. These three points make up 60 marks altogether.
To score high marks in Depth, give more reasons, use the word ‘because’ more often, while discussing the two terms (in all stages, particularly, in evaluation & analysis & action plan). To score high marks in Breadth, link your reflective experience with important concepts from the book, especially the two terms (in all stages, particularly, in evaluation & analysis & action plan).

To score high marks in integration, link the two terms with your professional experience, article (PDF) and other concepts from the textbook. The linkages should be strong and clear.

Analysis stage should have at least three paragraphs.
Minimum 5 references should be cited in text.

How to be specific in the writing?

General statements do not have any weight. Adding names, dates, numbers, figures, can help write specifically.

Do not write vague general sentences like “All managers are important to organisations”, instead, be specific, for example “Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Inc.

Another example of a vague sentence is “I have understood my weaknesses in this reflective cycle”, which is not meaningful, this can be improved as “Gibb’s reflective cycle made me realise that my time management needs to be improved, therefore, I have downloaded a mobile application called “Daily Task Organiser” to set up reminders to track my progress for daily and weekly deadlines.


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