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should look like exapmple attached. this one just 1000 words longer. The paper should look similar to what a legal blog might look like on a website- like a car accident page for instance I sent a sample- It should look similar and reflect much of the same language

This client has requested we create generic blogs that will attract links from other firms/publications throughout the country. So they should be non-state specific and contain NO marketing language. You can advise clients to speak to a lawyer, but do not include a keyword phrase when doing so (no “St. Louis personal injury lawyer” – just a “lawyer.)

* Avoid passive voice when possible.
* Do not mention the firm by name or geo (as if you do not know the specific firm)
* Advise the reader that it’s in their best interest to contact their physician and a lawyer, and other facts that are objectively true – but don’t engage in any puffery (e.g. the attorney is committed to helping victims of defective drugs recover).
* We’re trying to reach clients when they’re starting to Google lawyers – so less advice about what to do AT the scene of an accident and more advice about how to handle bills, insurance companies, etc…
* Less accident prevention advice unless the topic calls for it—they’re on a lawyer’s website because they’re already injured in an accident, so that advice comes to them too late. Think instead about what the negligent party could have done to avoid causing the accident, and a little less about what the injured party might have done better—so squarely lay the blame on the other party.
* Please don’t discuss comparative negligence or percentages of fault at all. 

Important note from client – Please do not discuss any wrongdoing on the part of the victim – only other drivers or companies.

For FAQs – Ask and answer at least five questions. Look for an existing page on the client’s site. Cover topics it doesn’t address. What specifically about this geo makes them more likely or injurious—specific weather, intersections, traffic volume, terrain etc.


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