Legal Memo Family Law

Draft a memorandum to explain the nature of the research that they find.


You are employed as a paralegal at Bisons LLC in the District of Columbia.  Four (4) attorneys need a legal memo on their cases.  The attorneys have not met the clients, but they want you to do some preliminary research before their first meeting.  The firm has given you the option to choose which subject area/attorney you prefer:


Family Law: The Real Marriage Penalty: How Welfare Law Discourages Marriage Despite Public Policy Statements To The Contrary – And What Can Be Done About It


You are Required to write a memo to their attorney identifying four (4) different authorities:


1.     Primary, Mandatory Authority on the subject

2.     Primary, Persuasive Authority on the subject

3.     Secondary, Persuasive Authority on the subject

4.     Secondary, Persuasive Authority on the subject


For each authority, please draft a memo to your attorney:


Explaining what type of authority youve found

Summarizing what the authority provides (other sources)

Summarizing what the authority explains


Type as if you are giving a presentation to your attorney on the subject.



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