Legalization of Euthanasia in Jordan Argumentative Essay Evaluation


of these elements as they apply to the author’s argument
essay1: Cancer Patient

  • What
    is the thesis statement for this article?
  • Is
    the argument making a claim of fact, value, or policy?
  • Are
    there any logical fallacies present? If so, what type, and where
    does it occur?
  • Does
    the author offer compelling opposing viewpoints? Does he refute
  • Can
    you provide a correctly-formatted example of a quote and/or
    paraphrase pulled from the article?
  • What
    would be the works cited entry for this article?


Essay 2


your learning

  • What
    are the most important things that you learned about both the
    writing process and argument?

  • Where
    do you think you can still improve in terms of the writing process?
  • How
    closely did you reach your writing goals from the beginning of the
    course? How have you (and/or your writing) changed as a result of
    this course?
  • How
    can this course help you in the future as a writer, both in college
    and/or in an eventual career?


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