Lesson Plan

 i am attaching the mtemplate on what needs to be revised. I already turned in a lesson plan that i am also attaching that needs to be more elaborate on what this week assignment is asking.

This week we are going to start building on to the ASSURE lesson plan that you created a couple of weeks ago. There is a template below that can help you complete this assignment this week.

ASSURE Activity Template


For this assignment, you are to add an activity to your lesson plan that includes visual and audio components.  It will include:  a) standards and objective(s) for the activity, b) the selected methods, media, and materials for the activity, and c) the utilization of the selected methods, media, and materials. Remember that anything you add should enhance and support your lesson’s objectives. 

Remember, this week you are only submitting your activity – Not the entire lesson plan. You will eventually add this activity into your lesson plan, and then submit the complete lesson plan when you submit your portfolio during the last week of class. 

Just a reminder that for the standards portion of the lesson plan, please visit your state’s department of education and use your state’s educational standards along with the ISTE standards for technology. For those who reside in Ohio, the website is: Ohio Learning Standards


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