Life Span Essay

  1. Interviews over Lifespan, Worth 100 pts. Due Date 03/14/22

    This paper covers four developmental stages over the human lifespan: 



    Young adult (you may use yourself) 

    Older adult 

    For this assignment, you will explore three different areas (physical, social, cognitive) of the human being in each developmental stage using questions and observations. Letters to potential interviewees are provided below if you wish to use them to help invite volunteers. 

    You are provided with a list of questions for each developmental stage at the end of these instructions. You MAY add your own questions as situations arise in your interview. Explore with each person what is taking place physically, socially and cognitively at their particular developmental stage. Document your findings in your paper with cited references to the book and/or class. 

    As long as the individual allows you, dig deep into trying to understand what is taking place with them. In the case of the child, observe the child as well as interviewing the parent or caretaker of the child. 

    • You are to write this paper in APA format using the following sections:  Abstract (one introductory paragraph for the whole paper)  Body of paper divided into sections with these headings: Child  Adolescent  Young Adult  Senior Adult) 
    • Conclusion paragraph (tying all stages together and including your views of the experience) 
    • Compile your observations and the interviewees answers into a narrative form for the body of your paper. Illustrate depth in your paper by connecting the content of your interviews to information we have covered class and in the book (for example: physical, cognitive and social for each of the interviewees). 
    • Be sure to include the age of each interviewee.  You should have a page on the four areas for each stage of development, total paper 5-8 pages. 
    • You may change your interviewees names to protect their privacy. 
    • If you need letters of introduction to invite an interviewee, they are provided below. If you don’t need the letter, it still instructs you on how to effectively communicate what you are doing in this project. Use APA formatting. Here is a link for more information: Purdue Online Writing Lab 
    • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced, margins 1 inch. Each interview should be a minimum of 1-2 pages. When using references in this paper, you will need a Works Cited page in APA style. Proofread your paper. Your mistakes will cost you points. 
    • Save your paper as: Interviews over Lifespan-Yourlastname 


    Student Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment: 

    1) The student will research and understand the developmental patterns and typical developmental milestones reached in infancy, childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. 

    2) Students will identify major developmental theories and be able to distinguish how these theories apply to everyday examples of human development.  

    3). Students will identify major developmental theorists and evaluate their work.  

    4) Use research strategies to investigate human development as well as use critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate the results and conclusions drawn from such research. 

    5) Think and write critically about theoretical or empirical research in lifespan development and link their ideas to their own research and/or clinical practice. 


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