Managerial Accounting

Jonas Tech Corporation recently acquired Innovation PlusCompany. The combined firm consist of three related businesses that will serveas   reporting units. In connection with the acquisition, Jonas requests yourhelp with the following asset valuation and allocation issues. 

Jones recognizes several identifiable intangibles from its acquisitionof Innovation Plus. It expresses the desire to have these intangible assetswritten down to zero in the acquisition period.

The price Jonas paid for Innovation Plus indicates that itpaid a large amount for goodwill. However, Jonas worries that any futuregoodwill        impairment may send the wrong signal to its investors about the wisdomof the Innovation Plus acquisition. Jonas thus wishes to allocate the   combined goodwillof all of its reporting units to one account called Enterprise Goodwill. Inthis way, Jonas hopes to minimize the possibility of goodwill impairmentbecause a decline in goodwill in one business unit could be offset by anincrease in the value of goodwill in another           business unit.

Support  your answers with reference to FASB ASC as appropriate.

1. Advise Jonas on the acceptability of its suggestedimmediate write-off of its identifiable intangibles.

2. Indicate the relevant factors to consider in allocatingthe value assigned to identifiable intangibles acquired in a businesscombination to            expense over time.

3. Advise Jonas on the acceptability of its suggestedtreatment of goodwill.

4. Indicate the relevant factors to consider in allocatinggoodwill across an enterprises business units. 


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