McMurry University Blissful Ignorance Will Not Do Essay

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Essay 3: Blissful Ignorance Will Not Do

For each Essay, use the prompt as a jumping off point. The length of each Essay should be 1500 words/5 typed pages. When citing your material, you are expected to use the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) style for manuscript preparation (examples of the ASA style and Cole Baggett’s 2017 sociology McMurry Honors Thesis are on Moodle). The Written Communication rubric used when grading these Essays is on Moodle as well.

ESSAY 3: BLISSFUL IGNORANCE WILL NOT DO. We finish the semester reading Jessi Streib’s (2015) study of cross-class marriages. In a way, she allows us to address Atkinson’s (2015:15) contention that class “inequalities and differences have not declined or disappeared in the twenty-first century….” In this essay please support Streib’s (2015:198) comment: “If ignorance is bliss, it may be preferable to believe that each individual has unique sensibilities, and each couple is free from the class influences of their past. But, if the goal is to increase the well-being of couples or to alleviate inequality, then blissful ignorance will not do.”


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