Medical Ethics

No sources! no quotes. ONLY USE GIVEN MATERIAL.

should read the case study posted and published under Module 2: Shannon and Jake.  Students should then compose an essay in response to the question, If you were Dr. Walsh, would you tell Shannon’s parents or would you not do so.  
In order to respond adequately, students should read “I HIPAA Privacy,” which is also included under Module 2.  In addition, students should respond in terms of Ross’s Ethics and his list of prima facie duties.  Not all of these prima facie duties apply, but several do. You’ll find this information on Ross’s ethics by referring back to Module 1, Course Outline 1, pp. 7-9; and also in your text, pp. 484-489. DO NOT MERELY PROVIDE YOUR OPINION.
Your essay should not exceed one single-spaced typewritten page.


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