Mind Map

Positive and Transformational Psychological theoretical frameworks are founded on living life to the fullest. Positive Psychology focuses more on ones self; while, Transformational Psychology extends this concept to serving others with a Kingdom focus. We can use our individual spiritual gifts to bless others and show gratitude to the Lord for crafting us as unique children of God.
Prayerfully reflect on how to live your life to the fullest through the Holy Spirit and how you can encourage others to do the same.
Take the following assessment:   
Interpret your assessment results, and then create a Mind Map. A Mind Map functions similarly to an informal outline, and gives you the opportunity to organize your thoughts. Using the Mind Map, assess your strengths and weaknesses related to the Fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23.
Focus your Mind Map on strengths and weaknesses and then branch out to discuss your impact on others and areas that can be strengthened as a result. Include any behaviors or thought processes that are challenged throughout this self-discovery process.
You can create a Mind Map using free software, or using Microsoft Word where you can insert shapes and draw lines. If you need guidance on creating a Mind Map, there are great examples out on the Internet. You can use those examples as a way to formulate your own.
Note: This assignment should be comprehensive and well-developed. 
Click on the Session 3 Mind Map link and submit your assignment as a Word document by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.


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