MN 502 PUG Theory of Nursing in Hypertension Care that Eva Drevenhorn Essay

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Topic: Linked Application

A middle-range theory has fewer concepts and propositions than a grand theory which align with nursing practice and guide research. Conceptual models guide the direction of the propositions and empirically testable hypotheses used to create or refine middle-range theories. The progression from conceptual model to middle-range theory can be identified by reviewing King’s theory of goal attainment (middle-range theory) which is derived from King’s conceptual system (conceptual model).

Choose a conceptual model and middle-range theory. Explain how the concepts of the conceptual model and middle-range theory are consistent and are linked.

Criteria :

● Thorough identification of the importance of the subject matter to the individual, clinical, and professional.
● Supports discussion concepts through personal experience and evidence-based information.
● Submits a minimum of three posts, one initial and two responses to either the course faculty or peers, with thorough reflection and content

● Provides a well-written reflection that is clearly connected to the outcomes and clinical insight.

Clear critical thinking acknowledges application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Builds a focused argument.

Makes an oppositional or congruent statement that is supported by experience or research.

● No grammar, word usage, or punctuation errors. Overall style is consistent with professional work.
● Writing style facilitates communication.
● Provides three references that are relevant to the content and published within the last five years.


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