Module Six Activity: Reducing Bullying in Middle and Late Childhood

For this assignment, you will design an education and intervention program to reduce bullying in middle and late childhood. The program will be presented through the creation of a program tri-fold brochure (pamphlet) you will submit.  Use APA format to cite your sources(2) on the back of the pamphlet in place of the company name and recipient name. 

To create the tri-fold brochure (pamphlet): 

1. Open Microsoft Word and scroll down the list of templates and find the tri-fold brochure template (see image below). 

2. Select your own color scheme and photos (pixabay, unsplash) 

Sample of brochure outline


 As you plan your brochure, consider the following:

  • How will you engage peers, families, schools and the community?
  • How will your program be different from others that have been tried?
  • What key physical, cognitive and socioemotional developmental issues of this age group must be addressed?
  • How will you construct interventions that reflect the information we know about peer status, peer group influence, context and social cognition?
  • How will your program measure that the incidents of bullying and negative outcomes on the victim are decreasing?

*Please note - This is a program you, yourself have built, not copied or borrowed from another program.  Be creative, think what you believe would be needed in a program of this type.  What would you want to see. Use your references to back up  your ideas or include data such as statistics or explanations to guide you.

*Hint - refer to Module 6 Discussion for items reviewed and looked for within the brochure, as well as the rubric.

Add Brochure here for full Points

I’ve attached a few examples of both good and bad brochures:



This was is the best (minus again, the copying).  But as an example of what I’m looking for,  follow this.



This one is pretty good, some great parts, references good, success measures good, if they had added statistics in the explanation.  Also, they didn’t quite understand one part of their brochure.



This one is rather good, a few picky items – both references not cited, strategies and  classes are mentioned but really doesn’t tell me what kind?  How would this help?



Obviously, half the questions are really answered, they appear to be with sentences but when really read, there is no substance.



 This was taken from a book called Playground Peacemakers  again, copying and you can see credit was not given to them, nor was it mentioned.  

Again, a brief mention of plagiarism…I will send it back to you.  There is no reason you can’t be creative and do this project.  It’s prolific right now in our society, especially with social media.    Some professors, won’t even warn you, I believe in second chances, but third, fourth, etc…so DON’T forget References and In-Text citations!


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