Monoclonal antibodies Therapy for immunotherapy

use these instructions to follow and write paper and use the giving resources to write paper

Introduction (answers the questions what are we talking about, and why is it important?),

  •  Summary of past work (5-7 major points about research that was done before 2000 that helps us have context to understand the next section or a summary of how this work grew out of past work on another related system in immunology)

  •  Current work (3-5 advances in the field related to this work with at least one article published after 2016 answers the question what is the current thinking on this topic)

  •  Future Directions (3-5 possible questions that might be answered by experiments that are on-going answers the question what experiments are people going to try next, why would they do these experiments, what might the outcomes tell us?

  •  Conclusion (revisits (briefly!) the questions what are we talking about and why is it important? One paragraph synopsis of each of the three main sections of the paper. Synopsis of the future directions section ties together the other two sections and helps us understand where things are going, why, and briefly, what scientists hope to learn moving forward.








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