Monotheism (Western Civilization)




Essential Question:

HIS 101: Western Civilization I PAPER ASSIGNMENT SHEET


      Monotheism was a significant historical development of the first millennium b.c.e. Why is it so important?




Complete the following:

      Using Fordham University’s Internet History Sourcebook, choose TWO (2) primary sources that relate to the questionyou’ve chosen.

      After choosing your appropriate primary sources, provide the formal citations in MLA format. You may use EasyBib,BibMe, Citation Machine, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or any other reliable citation generator.

      Spend ample time reading, annotating, and understanding your selected primary sources. If you don’t think the sourcewill help you answer the essential question, choose another one!

      Using the ONLY the selected primary sources and the textbook, respond to the essential question in a lucid, well-written expository essay. These are the ONLY two (2) sources you may use to respond to the question, therefore, outsideresearch and citations are NOT permitted.

      Your assignment should be a complete, well-written, expository essay, including an introduction, several body paragraphscontaining evidence, examples, and historical analysis/synthesis, as well as a conclusion.

      Be sure to incorporate BOTH the primary sources (the two you chose) AND secondary source (textbook).

      Your finished product must be organized, chronological, proofread, edited, and authentic. Please keep in mind that SafeAssign will scan these for plagiarism and provide an extensive report of sources used.


Book: Joshua Cole and Carol Symes, Western Civilizations: Brief Edition, 5th edition. Volume 1. Norton, 2020.





Primary Sourcebooks:

Ancient History Sourcebook:  Medieval HistorySourcebook: 


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