Mount St Marys University Moral Vision and Original Sin Discussion

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Part 1:Ch 6

read pages 73-77 of Moral Vision, chapter 6.

Write 2 pages on:

1. What are the two formulations of the categorical imperative (pp. 75-6)?

2. What problems are presented as problems with Kant’s categorical imperatives (pp. 76-77)?

3. What elements of the moral life are left out of Kant’s method (on the audio recording and pp. 74-5)?

Part 2: Chapter 7, Law, and Membership

Read pages 89-91 and 94-96 of Moral Vision.

Write 1 pararaph

In your own words (discussion), explain what is meant by “law as membership” and how law is connected to human fulfillment.

Part 3 (ch 10):

Answer #2: Human Fulfillment from “For Reflection and Further Study” (pp. 131-2). In your answer, include biblical examples from the Gospel of Mark discussed in the chapter, pp. 123-29.

Write 2 pages.


McCarthy, D. M., Donohue, J. M., & Mattison, W. C. (2018). Moral vision: Seeing the world with love and justice. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company


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