My Relationship with Language Essay


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My Relationship with Language Essay
Language is central to our lives. It is a part of everything that we do. Whether we are watching
television, telling a funny story, talking about our feelings, reading a book, or even thinking to
ourselves, we are completely surrounded by language.
For this project, I want you to think about your relationship with language. You can
consider a variety of questions to help guide you as you’re writing: Is the relationship you have
good or bad? How would you characterize it? How has it evolved and changed over time? Is your
relationship with your native language the same as your relationship with English? Or, is it
different? There are many other questions that you could potentially consider as you’re writing –
those are inevitable, so be sure to make it clear for your reader which questions you want to
address in your paper.
In addition to writing a paper, we will also be participating in the Celebration of Student
Writing (CSW). This is a great opportunity for you to share your writing with your classmates and
other people in the MTSU community. For the CSW you will need to remediate your paper into a
presentation, something that will catch the eye of a passerby. Attendance at the CSW is

Do you have any ideas about what other questions might you consider thinking about for this

In general, for this project, you should:
o Tell a story of your relationship with language, both your native language and English.
o Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages long.
o You should double-space your paper (with excess space removed after paragraphs).
o Your paper should be written in a 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font.
o Your paper should be clearly organized and structured.
o Your paper should include zero (0) sources – this is a narrative and requires no


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