narrative writing self check

Step One:

Take a look at the following eight lines of text that are all “telling” rather than “showing.” Copy and paste them into a new Word document.
“Telling” Sentences:
The dog was happy to have his ball.
Myrtle loved going to the movies.
It was snowing a lot.
Tad was a video game fanatic.
Byron loved to drive because his car went fast.
The cat was good at catching birds.
Peter hated his job because it paid too little.
It was hot outside when Timothy went out.
Step Two:
In your document, below each sentence, write a new version of the sentence where the information is “shown” through description and action (as the above example did). Feel free to add details to make the new version come alive. 
Step Three:
Submit your Word document to the assignment dropbox. Your document should:
Be 12 pt in size.
Be in Times New Roman font
Have 1-inch margins
Be double spaced
Be saved and submitted as a Word document (either .doc or .docx)


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