Nordstrom Department Store

Your paperis expected to cover AT LEAST all the required aspects listed below.

The targetlength of this submittal is 4 double spaced typed pages.

Section 1:Basic information of the organization

             The name of the organization.

             Describe the organizational type(public or nonprofit)

             Describe the mission of theorganization and the nature of its work.

             Describe the products and servicesprovided.

             Describe the organizational size(number of people) and budget.

             Identify the locations(s) at whichorganizational work is performed.

             Describe the internal structure ofthe organizations, or different parts of the organization. (If necessary,insert an organization chart).

             Describe the operating environmentof the organization:

o             The place of the organization withregard to vertical hierarchy.

o             The clients/constituencies served

o             Other organizations with which theorganization must interact (its operating network(s)).



Section 2:Leadership and management of the organization

             How is leadership exercised in theorganization? Who exercises it? How are decisions made?

o             Optional: What values and/orcultures are promoted or espoused by the organizational leadership?

             How do you define the leadershipstyle of the organization? Assess the leadership style of the organization.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the leadership style? Howeffective the leadership style is?

             Think about the environmentalcontext of the organization, how does the environmental context influence theleading and managing of the organization? (Think about the political, legal,economic and social factors)

             Other aspects about management andleadership of the organization that is relevant



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