NUR 120 Pharmacotherapy of Neoplasia & Chemotherapy Side Effects Discussion

Phil Rosenthal is a 25-year old man who has recently begun chemotherapy at the local oncology center for treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He has tolerated the chemotherapy fairly well, but has experienced mild, daily nausea with occasional vomiting, usually controlled by granisetron (Kytril). His main concern is the fatigue he experiences and the impact it has on his work as a computer science engineer. He also admits that he has been experiencing anorexia and “just doesn’t feel like eating much,” something which may be contributing to his fatigue. He has lost 2 kg (more than 4 lbs) since his last clinic visit 2 weeks ago.

This activity contains 2 questions:

  1. If you were Phil’s nurse, how might you manage his chemotherapy-related nausea and anorexia?
  2. What suggestions might assist Phil in managing his fatigue?


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