1. Identify health issuesor concerns that impact a community population as represented by the assignedindividual, with Determinants of Health that pertain to the health issues.

2. Provide a CommunityBased Nursing Care Plan for health issue identified using the Templateprovided. List evidence-based health promotion or disease preventionintervention and rationale.

3. Propose 1 communityproject idea that would impact the need/concern identified.

4. What Community NursingTheory would you use, and why?

      Use two (2) current sentinel references in addition to SentinelCity.

      Complete the attached template, answering all questions, bymidnight Wednesday.

      Complete the table for this assignment:

      Population-focused interventions (Community asClient Nursing Process) Table

      Populations assigned citizen represents:_________________________


Nursing DX:

Common Health Issues or concerns for population

Determinants of Health

Community Objective

Community Intervention/ Project Idea

Evidence Based Rationale






















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